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Gary Shlifer M.S.
LEED AP BD+C, O+M,, Homes

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Gary Shlifer from Green Building Florida is passionately committed to the attainment of a more sustainable future for South Florida. His enthusiasm for the USGBC and LEED as a means to achieve this end is contagious. We felt fortunate to have him as the LEED consultant for the Boano-Lowenstein Residence. He is very knowledgeable of the process and very thorough in his documentation of submittals to the USGBC. With his help we were able to secure a silver LEED certification for this project. Thanks to his guidance through the process, the Boano-Lowenstein residence is one of the pioneer homes forging a sustainable path in our community.

" If it weren't for your leadership and know-how our project wouldn't been certified, let alone achieve LEED Gold Certification"
Charles Smith, AIA, Senior Project Manager, NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic

"You really did an amazing job at managing the certifications. I commend you and look forward to working with you on future projects."
Jaya Kader Zebede, AIA, LEED AP KZ architecture

"Not even Al Gore is more knowledgeable about the green movement than Gary Shlifer. Gary has provided my projects with a wealth of information and expertise for a practice that is so new we are only at the ‘National Anthem stage’ - we haven’t even reached the first inning yet!"
Frank McKinney - Developer, Venture Concepts International

"Mr. Shlifer has proven himself to be very resourceful, organized, timely, and has demonstrated an invaluable ability of consistently infusing high enthusiasm into his work. This positive attitude is infectious to the rest of the team and produces successful projects. While operating from his independent practice, Mr. Shlifer is able to collaborate in the development of various projects following our specific office standards. He has regularly provided us with well organized documentation. His key responsibility includes LEED Research, project meeting manager, & team leader. Overall, Mr. Shlifer demonstrates a high level of professionalism, integrity and commitment. He is always courteous, reliable and willing to offer assistance. He has my highest recommendation."
Ari Sklar AIA, NCARB, LEED AP - President, Sklarchitecture Inc.

"Green Building Florida was a great help in guiding the client and architectural team through the LEED for Schools process. We started hoping that we would be able to achieve a silver rating and with Gary Shlifer’s help, we are now above gold. His suggestions on innovative materials, efficient mechanical and glass allowed us to increase our points substantially.
Thank you, Gary. We appreciate you leading the team and keeping us on course."
Jenifer Briley AIA, LEED AP - Jenifer Briley and Associates

"The process toward LEED certification is both complex and rewarding. Gary has guided us with dedication and patience. He is very committed to Green Building and continues to educate our consultants and ourselves in this project, offering information on new products and innovations that will help improve the way we build in S Florida"
Paula Lowenstein, Vice President, Art and Tech Development

"Upon completion of Acqua Liana, the largest custom single family residence LEED certified home in the country, Dale Construction Corporation recognizes that Gary Shlifer has been an instrumental advocate in the green education and implementation process. His knowledge and willingness to research and advise as our “Green Guidebook” on LEED matters and questions has been invaluable to Dale Construction Corporation’s first “Green” building project. Dale Construction would confidently recommend Gary Shlifer and Green Building Florida to any homeowner or professional seeking Green certification."
Timothy P. Dale – President, Dale Construction Corporation

"Gary is highly professional and a hands-down Green Building expert with specific expertise in the LEED commercial and residential certification processes. He energetically advocates on the behalf of his clients including establishing direct contact with Green suppliers and pursuing innovative credits and interpretations from program providers."
Banks Clark PE, CIH, CSP- President, Environmental, Safety and Health, LLC

"Gary is a consummate professional as evidenced by the very thorough due diligence he performed on my company’s green building products. I was impressed by Gary’s attention to detail, thoughtful questions and refusal to recommend a product that he did not personally evaluate. If Gary’s thorough approach to selecting green building products is any reflection of his consulting practice, his clients are doubtless going to be highly satisfied with his knowledge and expert advice."
Nick Gunia – President, Alterna Corporation


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