Gary Shlifer    |   Resume

Masters of Science: Psychology/Systems: Nova Southeastern University
Bachelor of Arts: Communications/Media: Temple University

I am an expert consultant in sustainable built new and existing built environments and the LEED certification process. I guide and manage project teams and stakeholders towards the design, construction, operations and maintenance of performance buildings those within the context of campus and neighborhood master plans.
I'm a pioneer in the industry and have been immersed in the Performance Green Building Movement for more than 18 years.

I have a unique skill-set that distinguishes me as a passionate leader. With expertise in Systems Theory and Cybernetics I provide micro and macro perspectives to stakeholders and project teams through the process of developing sustainable strategies for new and existing performance buildings .

Working from a 'triple bottom line' paradigm my core skill is facilitating the 'integrative process', known to be the foundation for creating new and existing sustainable built environments. No matter the building type, I consult project teams towards strategies, methods, practices, and systems discovered through experiences working in the field with the LEED Rating Systems as well as others.

Skill Set:

• Integrative Process Facilitation
• Performance Green Building Consulting - Design, Construction, Operations & Maintenance
• LEED Project Management
• LEED Online v2, v3 and v4 Fluent
• LEED and Sustainable Design Education
• Speaking Professional • Presentation – Video Presentation Production – Direction

• Software Fluency:
Microsoft Office - Keynote - Final Cut Pro 7 Suite - Adobe Production and Design Suite CS6
• Software Familiarity: Revit Architecture - 3Ds Max, AutoCAD

Advanced Activities
• Active volunteer for the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) as a Content Expert assisting in drafting/reviewing of items (questions) for inclusion in LEED Accreditation exams and item bank.
• Vice Chair: U.S. Green Building Council - Oklahoma Chapter
• Green Schools Committee: U.S. Green Building Council - Oklahoma Chapter
• Former: Residential Green Building Advocate: USGBC – South Florida Chapter
• Expertise in creation and production of high-end Green Building education programs and presentations: Director and/or Producer and/or Consultant: Website and Video programming and presentations. Including those contributing to the achievement of Innovation and Design credit points for LEED Certification and Green Building education as a whole.
• Speaking Professional: Educator, Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator for multiple presentation types including: On-Going: Instructor Oklahoma State University – LEED Green Associate and LEED Building Design and Construction Accreditation Exam Preparation
- On-Going: Sustainability – LEED Education Seminars, Presentations: Core Concepts, Schools, Achieving LEED Certification

Project Experience
• University of South Florida - Sarasota Manatee Campus - LEED v4 EBOM Pursing Silver Certification
• Windsor Lock Readiness Center, Windsor Locks Connecticut LEED NC v2009 Pursuing Silver Certification
• Point Mugu Bachelor Quarters, Point Mugu, Ca. 3 Buildings Pursuing LEED NC v2009 Multiple Buildings On-Campus Building Projects
• Starship Renovation Building 6050; Ft. Sill, OK LEED-NC v2.2 Silver Certified
• P1269 Devil Dog, Allied Training Facility, Camp Lejeune, NC LEED-NC v2.2 LEED Gold Certified
• P1269 Devil Dog, Battalion Aid Station, Camp Lejeune, NC LEED-NC v2.2 LEED Silver Certified
• Ft. Hood Stadium, Ft. Hood, TX LEED NC v2.2 Pursuing LEED Silver Certification
• P205 Sugar Grove, WV Battalion Security Station, Sugar Grove, WV – LEED NC v2009 Silver Certified
• P205 Sugar Grove, WV Fire Station, Sugar Grove, WV - LEED NC v2009 Gold Certified
• 2 Corporate Plaza – Oklahoma City, OK - LEED EBOM 2009 Pursuing LEED Silver Certification
• LEED for Schools St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School, Coconut Grove, Miami LEED Gold Certified
• Royal Oaks Community Center, Town of Miami Lakes (Construction Consulting) Silver Certified
• LEED for Homes 620 South Ocean Blvd., Manalapan – Palm Beach, Florida LEED for Homes Silver, FGBC Certified
• Golden Beach residence – Miami Florida Pursuing LEED for Homes Gold Certification
• Bay Harbor Residence – Miami, Florida LEED for Homes Silver Certified
•2020 Alton Road Miami Beach, 2020 Alton Road. Net Zero & LEED for Homes Platinum Certified

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